Breaking bad news is a complex communication task. In our documentary film series, Professor Walter Baile, psychiatrist and co-founder of the SPIKES model takes us through his practical approach on how to structure difficult conversations.

Breaking bad news to your patients

Chapter 1 – The challenge of breaking bad news

Professor Walter Baile introduces the challenges involved in breaking bad news and what we can learn from experiences in oncology.

Chapter 2 – The SPIKES model in pulmonary fibrosis

Delivering a diagnosis with compassion can make all the difference. See why Professor Walter Baile believes the SPIKES model is relevant to pulmonary fibrosis.

Chapter 3 – The SPIKES model in a real-world scenario

Words do matter. Professor Walter Baile describes a real-world experience of how compassionate and honest conversation made a difference.

The SPIKES model

Chapter 1 – The SPIKES model

An overview of each step of the SPIKES communication model.

Chapter 2 – SPIKES: Setting

Setting up the conversation in the right way to help you and your patients feel at ease.

Chapter 3 – SPIKES: Perception

How to determine what the patient understands about the situation in order to tailor the conversation.

Chapter 4 – SPIKES: Invitation

Identifying how your patient would like to receive the news.

Chapter 5 – SPIKES: Knowledge

Find out how to give the facts and information to your patient in a way that works for them.

Chapter 6 – SPIKES: Emotions

Discover how to address a patient's emotions with an empathetic response.

Chapter 7 – SPIKES: Strategy and Summary

How making a plan for the future can help your patients feel informed and prepared.

Chapter 8 – What do patients want from their doctors?

Professor Baile communicates how to secure an open and honest therapeutic partnership with your patients.